Who is out there?? They cannot silence us. Make contact now.


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Transmission ten: across the globe


As promised last week, today we share with you the first transmission from our brothers and sisters beyond the U.S. Despite the attempts of many governments around the world to quash this movement, we are strong and growing.

This transmission from the waters of Sydney harbor proves unequivocally that these events are connected. The military-media complex may talk about chemical explosions and natural disasters in a vain attempt to distract the masses.

But we have made contact with survivors on all six populated continents and their stories match our own. Who knows, there may even be footage to come from Antarctica.

In any case, we thank the brave souls on this ferry who documented these events. What should have been a simple sightseeing outing became a catastrophe which few survived. The bravery of these resistors at the time of the incident is only outstripped by their fearless determination to have this footage broadcast, despite the danger posed to their own lives. 

As for the ongoing propaganda campaign against our transmissions, don't be fooled: Jen and Evan are real. The proof is coming.

There are others. Make contact now.

Until next Wednesday 5pm PST: Observe, record, transmit.

Courage is all we have left.

Your friends,

The Resistance

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