Who is out there?? They cannot silence us. Make contact now.


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Transmission Eleven: Before the Blast


We know what you have read and heard: That the resistance is a prank. That Jen Cross is an elaborate hoax.

Today we bring you proof that neither is true.

As many of you already know, three weeks ago we received our last transmission from Jen. Soon after she was dragged kicking and screaming from her home, her blog went dark.

It was no coincidence.

Since the beginning of this crisis, government operatives have been working to silence the voices of those who have witnessed these events. But their attempts to block transmissions by our organization as well as thousands of brave individuals around the world will not succeed.

To prove our case, our operatives have worked tirelessly to recover Jen's footage from the cloud.

What you see here today is proof positive that Jen and Evan are real. So are the thousands, perhaps millions, who have perished or disappeared since the first incidents across the globe.

They make not want us to know the truth. But what they want hardly matters anymore. 

There are others. Make contact now.

Until next Wednesday 5pm PST: Observe, record, transmit.

Courage is all we have left.

Your friends,

The Resistance

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