Who is out there?? They cannot silence us. Make contact now.


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Transmission thirteen: compromised


As we write this, we realize that our headquarters have been compromised and our transmissions intercepted.

But don't fear for us - the deeper underground we go, the more dangerous the movement becomes. The authorities make hollow threats about prosecuting those involved with our transmissions, but they will never find us.

Nor will they find you - our server relay makes tracing IP's near impossible. In the future it may be that we have to go dark for a while. But if that day comes we will return stronger than ever.

There's only one thing you need to ask yourself: If Jen and Evan are a hoax, invented to stir up emotions in a time of crisis, why are they so determined to shut down this site?

The answer is simple. If we expose this lie, then doubt is cast on all the others. And doubt is what they fear most.

There are others. Make contact now.

Until next Wednesday 5pm PST: Observe, record, transmit.

Courage is all we have left.

Your friends,

The Resistance

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